Advanced Muscle Integration Technique


**A revolutionary advancement in muscle treatment**

AMIT is a system of analysis and treatment of common musculoskeletal injuries, used extensively by the NBA’s Utah Jazz for over 25 years.

AMIT has also helped people at all levels of competition. This includes professional, Olympic, college, and high school athletes—as well as the general public.

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Restores pain-free joint & muscle function

Enhances athletic performance

Reduces risk of future injury

How does AMIT work?

When the nervous system detects that a muscle is stressed and overloaded beyond its ability to sustain a load, the body will protect the area from tearing or further damage by acting like a circuit breaker would do on an electrical circuit….

If the circuit overloads, the circuit breaker trips to protect it. The nervous system is designed along these lines. When a muscle overloads, it shuts down proprioceptively and is unable to respond to further stress that is applied to the muscle.

A muscle that is shut off proprioceptively will be unable to stabilize the joint and it will not be able to participate in the normal movement of the joint. This often results in painful joint motion.

It is possible and commonly occurs in athletes that the inhibited muscle does not cause pain because the surrounding muscles compensate for the injured muscle. In this case, the athlete is vulnerable for a future injury and will have decreased athletic performance without them being aware there is a problem.

The AMIT Exam

During the examination, the doctor will evaluate the function of all the muscles acting on the injured joint(s). We can test over 300 muscles of the body which makes AMIT…. The most precise analysis available.

Returning to Pain-Free, Active Motion

AMIT treatment consists of treating 7 reflex points, 3 associated spinal adjustments and a fascial mobilization to reactivate the inhibited muscle. Following the treatment, the muscle will now be capable of maximum contraction with pain-free range of motion restored.

Results are quick, often dramatic, and long lasting!

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