Daily Affirmations

Improve Your World in ONLY 5 Minutes a Day

We are what we think, as our thoughts create our world.

If you want change in your life, it begins by changing your thoughts. Use affirmation to program your subconscious mind and become the change you would like to see in your world.

It all starts with you!

  • I am grateful for all I have in life!
  • I love and respect myself!
  • I pay attention to the good things in my life!
  • I make good decisions each day!
  • I am at peace with who I am!
  • I am physically strong!
  • I am courageous!
  • I know God has great plans for my life!
  • I am thankful!
  • I love and receive love!
  • I am one of a kind!
  • I am successful!
  • I am working on my goals!
  • I am hopeful and optimistic!
  • I believe in myself!
  • I am happy ?
  • I have abundance!
  • I choose to forgive myself and others!
  • I practice patience each day!
  • I am content!
  • I have everything I need!
  • I am living a life that feels good to me!
  • I love myself unconditionally!
  • I choose healthy foods and drinks daily!
  • I am loved! I am appreciated! I am liked!
  • I am divinely guided!
  • I am confident!
  • I am a wonderful spouse!
  • I am a loving and caring parent!
  • I am positive!
  • I am open to receive!
  • I am disciplined!
  • I move forward with confidence!

Creating your own statements:

  1. Start by selecting an area or aspect of your life where you want to excel
  2. Begin with “I am” and use words that describe what you wish to be, have, or experience
  3. Examples of areas to address are:
    • Health, healing
    • Finance, wealth
    • Spiritual health
    • Parenting
    • Marriage
    • Peace
    • Joy
    • Family health
    • Emotional health
    • Career
    • Social/Friendships

Read your affirmations daily for the best results!

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