Holistic Healthcare: A Science Whose Time Has Come

Many people who have persistent musculoskeletal pain and other long-standing health challenges struggle to find lasting relief. Most are taking increasing quantities of medications to suppress their symptoms.

In order to provide lasting relief to individuals suffering with these problems, we need to dig deeper to find out what is causing their symptoms.

Deciphering chronic pain and health problems can be complex. This is what you can expect to have done when you come to our office:

  1. A thorough review of your chief complaint(s)
  2. A review of your chiropractic/medical history and lifestyle
  3. X-rays taken of your spine to evaluate for alignment, spinal deterioration, arthritis, bone spurs, abnormal development, disc disorders, spinal curvatures, and tumors
  4. Postural assessment to locate the imbalances that could be causing your pain and discomfort
  5. Range of motion testing of your joints
  6. Palpation of the soft tissues and spinal joints to pinpoint areas of strain and restriction
  7. Manual muscle testing of up to hundreds of muscles and divisions of muscles, to assess joint instability
  8. Assessment of the 3 arches of the feet and different phases of pronation, utilizing the Foot Levelers 3D optical scanner
  9. Targeted orthopedic and neurologic tests to further understand the nature and cause of your problems
  10. Testing to pinpoint what areas of your body are under stress; with this same testing we will work to figure out what measures will need to be taken to get your system into balance
  11. We will scan your body for excessive inflammation, excessive histamine, and food sensitivities (i.e. gluten, dairy), which can all play crucial roles in pain generation.
  12. We will evaluate your body’s ability to adapt to stress using quantum reflex analysis; people who don’t handle stress effectively are more likely to have increased pain, inflammation, and health problems.
  13. Using bio energetic analysis, we will test scars you may have to identify reflexive changes that can be causing or contributing to your pain or health challenge.
  14. If necessary, we will send out for advanced imaging/testing.

Most doctors are not trained to think about these underlying causes of pain, sickness, and disease. Conventional medicine is the medicine of WHAT – What disease or symptoms do you have? What drug should I give you to suppress your signs and symptoms? This approach invariably leads to a lot of frustration for the doctor and the patient because health is never restored.

At our office, we consider what is wrong of course, but we also seek to answer the question WHY you are in pain or having these health complaints.

The CDC estimates that one in two adults has at least one chronic condition, and over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. To that end, our health care team is committed to detecting and correcting the underlying cause(s) of your pain or health problem, so you can regain and maintain a healthy and pain-free active lifestyle.

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