Low-Level Laser Therapy

Erchonia PL5000 low level laser therapy (LLLT) – www.erchonia.com

What is LLLT?

Low level laser therapy is an FDA cleared safe and effective nose to toes musculoskeletal pain relief and healing modality.

Check any and all of the follow conditions you suffer from:

Low back pain


Tendon or ligament injury

Nerve damage



Skeleton with glowing lights showing areas of possible pain.
Surgical healing

Neck pain

Rotator cuff tendonitis

Swimmers shoulder

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Shin splints

Man's knee being lasered

Low level laser therapy has over 7,000 peer reviewed studies making it the most researched modality in the world.

Erchonia-PL5000 low level laserWhat makes the erchonia laser so special?

We use the erchonia PL5000 low lever laser because erchonia is the world’s leader in research and validating low level laser therapy. Erchonia has received 17 FDA market clearances for the treatment of neuro muscular conditions and overall health and wellness.

How does the Erchonia LLLT work?

Human cells produce a chemical known as ATP to fuel the body and heal tissues. Injured tissues and cells can have a hard time making ATP for healing. Low level laser stimulates structures in the cell to make more ATP. With more ATP injuries heal faster and relief comes quicker.

Reduces pain and inflammation
Accelerates healing of tissues
Safe with no side effects

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