We at Pisker Family Chiropractic Center provide Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Testing in order to access and monitor the health and activity of the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) has two main divisions:

  1. The Sympathetic portion: This is the energy boosting division which controls the “flight or fight” reaction. It increases blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and blood flow to the muscles.
  2. The Para-Sympathetic portion: this is the “restful” or “energy conserving” division. It enhances digestion, elimination, repair and rejuvenation.

In response to various interval and external stimuli, a person experiences a continuous interplay of these two main ANS forces.

Why should I get an HRV assessment??

  1.  Many experts agree that chronic stress is the cause of most illness. The HRV analysis is an objective way to measure how much stress your body is under.
  2. HRV can warn us before a serious health problem has taken place. Over 1/3 of people die from a heart attack have no symptoms prior to the fatal event.  Irving Dardik, MD, a vascular surgeon and founding chairman of the Olympic Sports Medicine Council, comments on HRV: “It is an extraordinary fact that HRV stands alone as a single risk factor of virtually all chronic disease and behavior disorders at all ages.”
  3. HRV is a unique tool for measuring, monitoring and improving fitness for the broadest range of consumers: from sick and elderly trying to regain or preserve their health and vigor, to amateur sports/fitness fans trying to stay in top shape, to professional athletes seeking to improve their training and performance in pursuit of world records.

Currently HRV health-express is being used for training the elite athletes in several countries, including World and Olympic champions.

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