Part of our holistic practice involves the nutritional evaluation and whole foods plant-based eating program.

A recent survey revealed that 30% of residents in South Jersey are obese. This is a huge burden on the healthcare system. With obesity comes diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many degenerative diseases. Pharmaceutical companies spend in excess of $55 billion dollar per year trying to convince doctors and consumers to take drugs to treat the symptoms of obesity. While some people may need medication, most if not all, would greatly benefit from an overheaul in their nutrition from our 21-day Detox Program to adopting the Green Smoothie Challenge, we provide resources and eduation on healthy eating.

We offer classes on blood sugar control, detoxification, reducing inflammation and boosting a healthy immune system.  We provide a metabolic profile handout to download and blood work analysis for blood sugar, inflammation, vitamin D, insulin and cholesterol. Through Autonomic Response Testing (ART) we provide testing for hidden food sensitivities, which can often be an underlying cause of pain, bloating, headaches and learning disorders.  With ART we can also customize your nutritional supplement program, determine the best supplements for you and which ones you are wasting your money on.

Pisker Family Chiropractic also has a great selection of wellness products for sale.

Vitamins and minerals

  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Fish oil
  • Liquid turmeric
  • Liquid Resverotrol
  • Boswellia complex
  • Wobezym enzymes
  • Borage oil

Detox Products

  • Chlorella
  • Green clay
  • SP Cleanse
  • 21-day Detox Program