posture - Posture

The effect of posture is becoming more evident.  Pain, headaches, increased blood pressure, depression and cardiovascular disease have all been linked to poor posture.

We live, work and play in a physically demanding environment.  Gravity is pulling us down.  The effects of gravity can be readily seen.  It may be a child slouching at a video or computer terminal, or the bent over posture of a senior citizen.  The main posture support system is the spine and muscular skeletal system.  Unfortunately, most people do not take an active role in maintaining that health and stability of the system.

Physical trauma is start in the very young and continues through our formative years.  Sports injuries, playground falls, and overloaded backpacks create physical stress and strain often without symptoms.  As we move into our twenties and thirties, continued stress from prolonged sitting, weekend warrior activities and accidents continue to damage are neuro musculoskeletal system.  Often many start taking pills to relieve pain, stiffness and spasms.

As we age into midlife our ability to adapt to everyday stress is compromised.  Our joint problems become chronic.  We treat localized pain syndromes with drugs, therapy and surgery.  Eventually, if we are fortunate to live into the golden years, they are often tarnished with disability and poor quality of life.  This is due to an inability to walk, stand or move without assistance.

This scenario does not have to happen to most of us.  With proper care our spine and neuro muscular skeletal system, we can age well and be an active and vibrant member of society.

While chiropractic adjustments are the foundation of good structural care, there are other important pieces to the puzzle.  These include:

  1. Custom Foot orthotics: we use only the highest quality orthotics made by Foot Levelers to stabilize the foundation and balance the knees, hips and back.
  2. Correction of forward head posture with Halo Posture and our forward Head Posture Restoration program.
  3. Correction of spinal curves and spinal alignment using the Pettibon Method of spinal correction.
  4. Home muscle management program with the assistance of foam rollers and “the stick”.  These tools roll out adhesions and neutralize trigger points.
  5. Functional movement program: our gravity busting movement program is crucial for healthy posture, strength and flexibility.