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Kayla B., Springfield, PA

I began seeing Dr. Pisker a few months ago for chronic back pain I had been having for years with no relief. After a few weeks the change that I noticed was beyond phenomenal!! I haven’t felt this good in YEARS and it is all because of Dr. Pisker. He not only improves your chiropractic health, but looks at all the aspects of your life such as diet and lifestyle to see what may be causing the issues. He has also been a great help with complications that I have been having with Lyme Disease and Babesia. The help and health he has given me is irreplaceable and I would recommend him to any and everyone!!!

Mary B., Swedesboro, NJ

Our family has been seeing a chiropractor for all our health needs for more than 20 years. Most people are not aware that a chiropractor like Dr. Pisker can not only improve your health through chiropractic adjustments but also help with headaches, allergies, colds, and many other health concerns. We have appreciated the kind, genuine concern for our health that we receive from Dr. Pisker and his staff. We are proud to call Dr. Pisker our “family doctor”!

Marilyn D., Swedesboro, NJ

I am just so happy to have found a doctor that will take the time to listen. He took a foot scan, x rays, and talked to me about all my concerns. He tested me using ART and that was amazing. The next appointment he went over the test, and gave me a plan to improve my health. He also talked to me about food, nutrition and exercise. Can you imagine a doctor today talking to you about what you are eating and how what you eat effects your health. I have been very happy with Dr. Pisker and feel that he is a rare find today in the medical world. I will forever be grateful for all his help. I plan on attending his nutrition program, and getting the adjustments regularly as they sure have made a big difference.

Jennifer B., Swedesboro, NJ

Dr. Pisker is the most caring doctor I have ever experienced. His practice and knowledge go well beyond chiropractic care. He has a broad understanding of nutrition, health, disease, and body chemistry. Time is taken to give you the information you need to better take care of yourself.  I have so often been disappointed with health care, it is very refreshing to go to his office.


Dr. Pisker introduced me to the Erchonia EB. It promoted the healing of a sensory nerve in my right foot, ankle and lower leg. It reduced my allergic reactions, sinusitis, sore throats and itchy eyes by removing toxins from my body. It also promoted a more peaceful and restful sleep.


I was using heating pads and mineral ice for my lower back pain, but received no relief. Then my mom took me to Pisker Family Chiropractic. Dr. Pisker did a full evaluation and diagnosed my weakness. Through an overall treatment of my body and wellness information program, I am now feeling so much better.


For 20 years I had no movement or turning of my head to the right. I had a torn brachial plexis and many herniated discs. I visited many doctors who prescribed many medications, pain patches, rehab and orthodics. Then I visited Pisker Family Chiropractic. I CAN MOVE NOW!! I can move my head right and left. I physically feel better than I have in years. I would recommend Dr. Pisker to anyone who anyone with back and neck discomforts.


I was having severe headaches, lower back pain and a lot of pain in my knees. Other doctors only prescribed pain pills to allievate my pain. Only after a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Pisker, my headaches lessened. He treated me with the back and neck blocks which allievated all of my back pain and headaches. Dr. Pisker then had me stop eating milk products and start drinking lemon water. My knee pain subsided. I have total faith in Dr. Pisker and will continue to have treatments from him. Thank you Dr. Pisker.

Sheryl, Age 41

I started coming to the Pisker Family Chiropractic because I was having tension headaches for several days at a time and the pain was getting more and more intense. I was having a challenging time in my life and not handling the stress well. I met with Dr. Pisker and we discussed a plan for healing. He provided adjustments, massage, acupuncture and a nutritional plan. He taught me breathing techniques and affirmation to help with stress.

I believe I’m on a road to healing with all of the valuable tools I’ve been shown. Dr. Pisker and his staff are amazing! Pisker Family Chiropractic and its staff is a little slice of heaven in Swedesboro!

Jerry & Family

To those interested in true health care, I can very highly recommend Dr. Pisker and the variety of services available at Pisker Family Chiropractic. All the members of our family have benefitted greatly from Dr. Pisker’s expert care and compassionate philosophy that he brings to the healing arts.

If you’re looking for health care that gets to the source of your health issues and provides genuine long term solutions for improvement, this is a good place for you to receive care. I can truly recommend the services of Dr. Pisker without reservation and hope that you will take advantage of the variety of healing arts he has made available to us in Swedesboro.


At age 63, Dr. Pisker was the first doctor who had clearly explained to me how the imbalance in my blood work, hormones and diet were having a negative impact on my overall health and weight gain. I had suffered from chronic fatigue, allergies, and depression. I was so very sick and desperate to regain my health. All other physicians’ recommendations were “lose weight,” “eat less,” or “take a pill.” I continued to gain weight and ended up weighing 320 lbs. After 6 weeks of seeing Dr. Pisker, I have no more allergies, my energy has increased significantly and I have lost 24 lbs.!!! I wish I had pursued this in 2009 when I started to see Dr. Pisker for back pain.

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